Teaching English in Taiwan – How Much Money Should You Bring to Taiwan

How much money someone brings with them to Taiwan when they make the decision to start teaching English in Taiwan is something that you should not overlook. Getting a teaching job in Taiwan can be difficult and this is something people already know, but what some people forget is that moving to another country can actually be quite expensive. How much money should you bring to Taiwan so you can make your ESL career easier and smoother? As a general rule of thumb you should bring as much money as you can, because there are a lot of hidden startup costs you may not be aware of. Here are some examples of what you will end up spending your money if you decide to teach English in Taiwan.

Everyone knows that plane tickets aren’t cheap, but this is something most people prepare for. Something that don’t usually prepare for is the costs associated with getting a place to live. It is very common that most places will require a 2 month deposit in addition to one month’s rent before you can move into an apartment. This basically means you will need three months rent money before you can find a place of your own. If you are sharing then you may not need to pay this much, but if you are planning on getting your own place then it is important that you prepare at least three months rent money in advance. Another thing some people forget is that furnishing and getting all the bits and pieces for your new apartment can work out to be much more expensive than you originally planned.

There are a lot of apartments to pick from in Taiwan and you can easily find ones that are furnished and unfurnished. The problem is that even furnished houses usually don’t have everything you need and you will most likely have to buy these soon after moving in. The term furnished in Taiwan can vary and not all apartments come with the same setup. However, you can expect at least that a furnished apartment will have a washing machine, fridge and basic furniture. You may also find places with a TV and some electric fans. This means you’ll be buying things like spoons, forks, knives, bed sheets, hair dryers, a computer and just about everything else you are used to. It isn’t until you move into a new place do you actually realize how much stuff you use, so be sure that you budget for this before you make the move to any ESL job in Taiwan.

Teaching in Taiwan can be an enjoyable experience but it can also be a nightmare if you don’t bring enough startup money. You will need at least enough to cover rent for three months and extra for additional household items and food. Make a list of what you need in advance before moving to Taiwan and you will have a much better of idea as to how much money you will need before moving to Taiwan to teach English.

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