Strathclyde Associates: Taking A Look At Taiwan’s Economy

by fukieee Strathclyde Associates: Taking A Look at Taiwans Economy -Taiwan is recovering rapidly from last years recession. Its semi-conductor industry is doing well and there is very little inflationary pressure in the economy. Taiwanese, however, are concerned about their linkages with the mainland China. President Ma Ying-jeou played down fears that a planned free-trade… Read more »

Jinzhou PV industry to attract Taiwan enterprises look – Wood texture manufacturer

by telepathicparanoia Jinzhou PV industry from the Bureau of good news recently, including 500 in Taiwan, UMC Group, including, for Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry will be senior to study investment in Jinzhou PV industry. Those results, is a pedestrian right of Jinzhou Mayor Wang investment in Taiwan during the development of Jinzhou City, sincerity and determination… Read more »