Jinzhou PV industry to attract Taiwan enterprises look – Wood texture manufacturer

by telepathicparanoia Jinzhou PV industry from the Bureau of good news recently, including 500 in Taiwan, UMC Group, including, for Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry will be senior to study investment in Jinzhou PV industry. Those results, is a pedestrian right of Jinzhou Mayor Wang investment in Taiwan during the development of Jinzhou City, sincerity and determination… Read more »

Hope That Taiwan Enterprises To Join, “home Appliances To The Countryside”

by Andytn And has led to Boao Siew six times this year, as Taiwan, the delegation leader of cross-strait common market funds are still two sides Chien focus of media attention. Yesterday afternoon, after meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao, Chien held in Boao, Sofitel Taiwan media briefing, informed the meeting the situation. Reporter through various… Read more »

Processing Trade Relaxation Of Taiwan-funded Enterprises Shoes Back From The Dead – The Processing

by cotaro70s New version of the Chinese Government will complete the processing trade policy changes, China Business Minister Chen Deming yesterday (12) confirmed that, as industries engaged in processing trade export ample job opportunities, all are small and medium, large numbers of jobs and pollution of Taiwanese traditional industries will be excluded from the list… Read more »