Culture Of Vietnam

by Penlock Vietnam tourism is becoming more and more popular these days. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the sights of Vietnam and reside at the great Vietnam Hotels. But all the visitors have so minor information for the culture of this magnificent country. The culture of Vietnam has numerous features, that… Read more »

Lagos Culture

by delaere The world is a combination of different cultures developed with the passage of time. It is very interesting topic for me because when I think about the different cultures of the cities, countries it is very amazingly to me. The reason is that, I say that the culture of the people of a… Read more »

Australia Food Culture

by Cheng Yuan Chieh Australia food culture is heavily influenced by years of migration took place in last four centuries. Settlers in this continental nation have developed mixed cuisines which represent various people and ant their food habits. Some of the leading cuisine types in Australia have come from China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam from… Read more »

Culture of Toronto

by gaspar Crime is present everywhere in every city and country. The only difference is that in some cities or countries the crime rate is lower while in other it’s higher. It’s all about the control of the police over the criminals. More the criminals are caught and punished; less would be the crime rate…. Read more »

Culture of Toronto

by Penlock Toronto is the largest city of Canada. It is one of the largest multicultural city as well, as people from all over the world have come to this city and settled down. Now everyone who comes to this city has their own language, way of living, religion, culture and style. Therefore there is… Read more »

Culture In China

by Penlock China has one of the most ancient and elaborate cultures in the whole world. With over 56 separate cultural groups within this vast country it’s easy to understand why careful and sensitive preparation for any trip to China can be invaluable. Not only is the ethnicity of this country far different from a… Read more »

Spainish Culture

by Penlock Made up of 17 separate communities each with a unique culture and feel, Spain is known as a geographically large country which a common thread runs throughout all different regions. Certainly, coming to Spain, don’t miss a chance to experiencing Spanish culture. Here are some guides for you.   Language Castellano is the… Read more »

Netherlands Culture

by Penlock The Netherlands, commonly referred to as ‘Holland’, is a beautiful, historic and culturally rich country located in north west Europe. The North and South Holland only make up 2 of 12 provinces in the country, but there is much more to this wonderful country than that which lies within the two Holland provinces…. Read more »

Defining Culture

by ray1020 How do you define “culture”?  It is the word providing the predominant aspect of “multicultural” and the basis for “diversity” programs. Many people give this word an extremely narrow designation, thinking of it as racial or religious. To define the term correctly, we need to look at the dictionary. According to the American Heritage… Read more »

Culture of Mumbai

by bignosetw The multi ethnic groups, various languages, religions and a rich culinary taste are an integral part of the culture of Mumbai. The various religious groups exist side by side harmoniously and make Mumbai a culturally rich state. A medley of religions, Mumbai is one of the most culturally rich cities of India. Traditional… Read more »