Canadian Influences on American Culture

by KAI0831 Very few countries that share borders also share as much in common culturally as do Canada and the United States of America. The most obvious cultural common ground between the two countries is our use of the English language, although many parts of Canada also rely on French as the main form of… Read more »

Tahiti Food and the Tahitian Culture

by bignosetw Tahitian culture has distinct characteristics, thanks to the seclusion from the influences of outside world until as late as the 1767, when Samuel Wallis became the first European who visited the island. Tahitians developed a village-based society with farming and fishing as main sources of income. Also, probably the surrounding beauty of nature,… Read more »

Culture and Business Communication

by BWCK Photography In business the most valuable thing would be information and for it to be transferred from one body to the other, communication is the vital element that drives such process. But when the communication comes to certain influenced by culture, it is a whole new chapter to be understood. International businesses are… Read more »

Native American Culture in Sedona

by bignosetw There is a lot of Native American influence in the Sedona area. Their culture is rich and goes back for centuries. All you have to do is walk down the streets of beautiful Sedona and you will see and feel the rich tribal ethnicity that traces back to the Native Americans. Native American… Read more »

Enhancing Your Organizational Culture

by Penlock As a young employee I was transferred to work in an office tower in downtown San Francisco.  I wasn’t the only person to arrive in this new office space – the group had changed significantly due to reorganization and many of us were working together for the first time.   My boss, the… Read more »

Creating Corporate Culture

by Penlock What is Corporate Culture? Culture is a natural phenomenon that is created when a group of individuals, who share a common purpose or goal, work together to collaborate. It is created out of common thoughts, goals and attitude that commonly exist within the group. This culture creates dynamism and energy, propelling the group… Read more »

The Turkish Coffee Culture

by bignosetw Turkish coffee is very popular so that most people in the world have heard about it, but although  it is so well known, far fewer have ever tasted it. In Turkey it is called “Türk Kahvesi” and it is a culture apart and has its own methods of preparation and serving. The Turkish… Read more »

The Vikings In various Culture

by CK Liu Popularly known for helmets with horns and big ships, warriors, or the Vikings, conquered a number of territories throughout Europe during the late 8th to 11th century, In a lot of societies, Vikings have been symbols of strength, invincibility, and pure testosterone. This is the reason why a number of organizations, groups,… Read more »

The Culture That Inspired Picasso

by bravesheng The Culture That Inspired Picasso Huanuco Pampa – City of festivals Lanzon – the stone of power Chavin – Picasso’s inspiration Stone Temple Secrets Walking in Peru’s highlands alone without a passport or money can be a forbidden adventure, itself. And if you know little or no Spanish, well then the… Read more »

A Taste of Italian Culture

by Aaron Photograghy studio While Italy is a country known for its art, food and fashion, it is also well know for it’s rich and uniquely Italian culture. It’s a country in which culture, history and traditions blend beautifully with modern trends. One of the most interesting things about Italy is that as a people… Read more »