Spain’s Popular Culture

Apart from the natural and manmade structures that appeal to many people visiting Spain, the country’s culture plays a role in the attraction as well. It is always a nice thing to learn a few cultural and customary values of a country you are visiting. By doing so, you will be familiar with the ongoing activities around you and you will also enjoy, what the locals there treasure and enjoy doing.


This is a Spanish art that is very genuine. It involves the art of dance Baile, song Cante and the art of guitar playing Guitarra. These shows are held very often in the different cities of Spain and attract quite a large number of people who love the performances. The fathers of Flamenco are the gypsies, who contributed largely to the creation of this art. Andalusia’s popular dances and songs also influenced the art in its initiation stages.

The different cultures that dominated Spain and the different epochs of history were other influences, which gave rise to Flamenco. Legendary occupations, such as the Tartessos and the Muslim left their traces, which are represented in the exciting shows.


Bull fights in Spain have been a big attraction to the locals, visitors and even calls for attention from neighboring European countries. The shows are held in specific bullfighting rings and begin with the people involved entering and introducing themselves to the anxious public.

After permission is granted by the presidency, the bulls are released into the ring and the showdown begins. This is a very dangerous game that can end up with the bullfighter being torn by the dangerous horns of the bull. Only trained professionals get involved in the exciting but dangerous game, though sometimes they too have accidents.

The fight can be quite spectacle and there is a festival mainly and is dedicated to a famous American writer who loved bullfights. This festival attracts a large number of tourists annually and serves as a Spanish culture.  

These two activities are among the most treasured cultures in Spain and which hold great importance to the Spaniards. Exploration brings about knowledge and therefore, the two cultures should be considered, on any tour to Spain. You may end up enjoying more than you thought you could.

Spain is indeed a place with great wonderful things, which is why it’s the second most visited country of the world. It has a little bit of everything and something for everyone.

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