Processing Trade Relaxation Of Taiwan-funded Enterprises Shoes Back From The Dead – The Processing

New version of the Chinese Government will complete the processing trade policy changes, China Business Minister Chen Deming yesterday (12) confirmed that, as industries engaged in processing trade export ample job opportunities, all are small and medium, large numbers of jobs and pollution of Taiwanese traditional industries will be excluded from the list of outside control, which will make it part of the southeast coast in the majority of Furniture , Clothing and footwear, Textile Taiwan-funded enterprises back to life.

“Business Times” reported on July 23 last year, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly announced the ministries bulletin No. 44, up to 1853 Customs Code of the goods to be included in the processing trade restricted, mainly Plastic raw materials And products, textile Yarn , Cloth, furniture, metal Semi-finished products And other labor-intensive industries.

A result of this policy across the board, have a significant impact on Taiwan-funded enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises rebounded strongly, the Chinese government announced amendments to the policy decisions as long as is consistent with high added value or Technology Concept of product manufacturers, can be ruled out in advance a deposit in addition to the list.

To provide substantial employment and pollution-free relaxation of the SMEs
Chen Deming said yesterday that the processing trade last year to implement new policies, do have some Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries affected enterprises. Concern for the outside world do this when the regulation? He said that the Ministry of Commerce is the thousands of classified processing trade goods, but the time to publish the list of restricted processing trade, etc. are not OK. Chen Deming said that since February this year, exports have declined sharply, with follow-up of international uncertainty, the Chinese government still further assessment.

However, is certain, even to continue to publish new list, it will not spread to more traditional enterprises of Taiwan capital. Chen Deming said that under the policy, as “two high and one Capital” of the industry must be adjusted, but large numbers of jobs and non-polluting small and medium enterprises will not be included in the processing trade restricted or prohibited category,

Chen Deming has also released the cross-strait negotiation ” Investment Safeguards agreement “issue. He said the mainland is now a lot of foreign investment, and there are 1.55 trillion yuan (below) Exchange Reserve pressure, to further open up Taiwan to mainland Chinese investors, on the need to protect the interests of investors, if the two sides in the “one China” principle, the formation of consensus and consultation to protect the mainland is willing to support.

If not transformation, but will stay for four years Since last year, the mainland facilities
frequency control policies, especially cut export tax rebate rate and the introduction of the most powerful new labor contract law. According to a recent survey, more than half of respondents pessimistic about Taiwan that profits will decline this year, eighty percent of the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan faces pressure over more Liu Cheng Taiwan that if you do not upgrade and would support, but four years.

Taipei Management Management Research Institute Fund Council yesterday (12) days, released by Taiwan The supplier Business survey, the Foundation, Chenming Zhang led the team in January of this year to Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Guangzhou, with more than 300 Taiwan-funded enterprises discussion and questionnaire survey to our understanding of their current difficulties and countermeasures.

Chenming Zhang said the mainland under official frequency control policies implemented so that the mainland’s investment environment has changed dramatically, especially in the export tax rebate rate cut and the introduction of the new labor contract law, resulting in significant operating cost to upgrade Taiwan to deepen the pressure on Taiwan businessmen operating so many Taiwanese businessmen are not optimistic about this year’s corporate profits.

Chenming Zhang said that the investigation report, the Taiwanese who forecast profit will be reduced, accounting for 55% of the number of all respondents. Among them, reduce the ratio to a maximum of 5%, 19.4%; by 5% to 10% by 18.9%; by 10% to 15% by 8%.

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