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China this year to implement the new Enterprise Income Tax Law and the Labor Contract Law, but labor market still look pretty on paper, every year Corrugated Paper, cardboard gap up to 1.58 million tons, the Taiwan paper maker Rongcheng Industry (1909), Cheng Loong (1904) and Yuen Foong Yu (1907) is still taken to set up factories and expansion of production capacity to satisfy the market demand. As Dingfeng Paper’s expansion, because the Chinese authorities have not approved, still could not be started.

Chinese market is still looking pretty paper work will continue with GDP growth estimated at 3 years starting this year, corrugated cardboard Consumption Volume and production caused by gaps in the 1.58 million tonnes to 163 million tonnes, the past five years the Chinese government continue to close the production of less than 10,000 tons are small plants, so that environmentally friendly paper mill market specifications of more large-scale work room to grow.

Paper layout for China’s workers, said Zheng Yingbin chairman Rongcheng, Rongcheng in China have developed smoothly in recent years, despite Nine Dragons , Lee & Man 2 maker of competition, but performance is still better than Taiwan.

Zhengying Bin said, Wuxi plant with an annual capacity 300,000 tons, the second half of Wuxi factory and Zhejiang Pinghu plant with an annual capacity will reach 1.2 million tons, 300,000 tons next year, there will be a Production Line Production, when coupled with Taiwan’s industrial production capacity 500,000 tons of paper, when the two sides combined capacity of 2 million tons of paper work, Rongcheng have the opportunity to cross-strait Taiwanese aspirations to the throne of the largest paper mill workers.

Cheng Loong work in China, a paper mill in Shanghai Long and 6 paper box factory in the House, Lung Fu Kunshan, Kunshan Murayama, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Dongguan Cheng Loong there are profits, the full capacity of 45 Long tons.

Cheng Loong said that this year the major new capacity in China is Guangdong Cheng Loong will be in the second quarter production, monthly production capacity of 10 million square meters, followed by the Kun Shan Shan Fu transfer Investment The new plant Long-rich Paper, monthly production capacity of 6 million square meters, will be put into production in the first quarter, when the Group’s paper machine with an annual capacity will reach 780 million square meters, annual output is expected to more than 500 million square meters.

Yuen Foong Yu in China, 12 paper box factory, in addition to the new production plant in Fuzhou as well as expansion of the Shanghai plant, this year there will be profit, the other 10 had a paper box factory profits gained. This year has not added a new factory, plans to expand way capacity, the goal is to add another 2 percent this year, hoping to reach 700 million square meters in total capacity, in addition to the China market work Paper products Enhance the quality requirements, Yuen Foong Yu printing capabilities will further enhance the plant. Yangzhou

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mill on the 1st machine and work on the 2nd machine last year, with an annual capacity of 450,000 tons, round production is expected in March this year, but less as 1,2-monthly, estimated total output this year will be only 40 tons, but is beyond the breakeven point of 350,000 tons, is expected to show a surplus this year, third and fourth work Paper Planning will be completed one after another, eventually the whole plant with an annual capacity of 100 tons. Yuen Foong Yu Paper

and China (1905) joint-venture operations in Guangdong Dingfeng good paper, but expansion can not be approved by the Chinese authorities, Chinese paper pointed out that the current paper production capacity in Guangdong Dingfeng 110 000 tonnes last year afforestation area reach 36 million tonnes, Dingfeng plan to produce a phased expansion of pulp 600,000 tons, the first phase, construction of 200,000 tons pulp mill, but the application has not yet approved.

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