Information About Taiwan Tea Varietals

by telepathicparanoia Taiwan weather and environment is suitable for planting tea. Lots of varietals which came from China were grown in Taiwan. Some varietals adjust very well and become popular, meanwhile others disappear gradually. This article will give you information about some usual tea varietals in Taiwan.   Qingxin Oolong Qingxin Oolong is the most… Read more »

The leaders of China and TaiWan will sign one important aggreement

by bunnygoth Dec. 20 at noon, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait Chairman Chen Yunlin, ARATS negotiation delegations rate, take the Air China charter flight from Beijing arrived in Taipei Taoyuan Airport. The picture shows the SEF delegation of the Association for residence and talks to the Grand Hotel in Taipei held a… Read more »

US Fiance Visas from Taiwan

by BrownGuacamole This posting is meant to act as a sort of primer for those researching the K1 visa process for a Taiwanese loved one. The K-1 visa process seems to unerringly begin with USCIS: the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. This agency is under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Homeland… Read more »

Taiwan Saxophone Industry

by Xaver Y.R. Chen (yrchen) While many know the reputation Taiwan has in the manufacturing of high-tech electrical components, few may know of the growing saxophone business based in Houli. Long known as the music capital of Taiwan, Houli is located in a rural township in northwestern Taichung County. This area is also known for… Read more »

Taiwan geographical location

by Richy! Taiwan is an area in the south-east China, 160 km from the coast of the Asian continent. The country consists of Taiwan Island and the adjacent island groups – Penghu Archipelago (the Pescadores Islands, 64 islands), Matsu and Tszimen islands (located in the Taiwan Strait), Xisha Archipelago (Parazel islands or Xisha), Dunshatsyundao (Pratas… Read more »

Overview About Taiwan Oolong Tea

by telepathicparanoia High Mountain Oolong Oolong tea is known as semioxidized tea which resembles a ball-like form produced from Qingxin Oolong varietals. The tea plantations are situated in the Central Mountains of Taiwan, which are main producing areas. It has a special and unique varietal fragrance with a smooth and enjoyable taste.     Dayuling… Read more »