Floating Observatoryies: Tallest Skyscraper in Taiwan

by telepathicparanoia Despite being much shorter than the Taipei 101 skyscraper – the tallest building in Taiwan, Floating Observatoryies is expected to become the tallest Taiwan Tower in Taichung. Floating Observatoryies has won the design of Taiwan tower conceptual competition starting its 2-year construction by 2010. The Taiwan tower conceptual competition was an important event… Read more »

Create the Culture

by Cheng Yuan Chieh This article is being written due to some common trends I am seeing as I work with athletes at both the youth and professional levels. More often than not, especially in the game of baseball, athletes will spend all day working on their swing and fielding and developing arm strength, but… Read more »

Damar Batu Indonesia Export To China , Hongkong And Taiwan

by PaddingtonX A lot of request of damar batu from abroad , for the purpose company which is managed by ong package also go on receiving request onlinely from internet. in assists by package adi cahyono as team which markets damar batu in internet , till now have many Indonesian enthusiasts and buyer and china…. Read more »


by Penlock WHO IS A BRAHMIN? –  The Brahmins are intellectual & knowledgeable persons in ancient India, they devoted their life to the study of Vedas & manuscripts.   Brahmins has played a very dominating role in the building of culture, tradition & society. They can be named as the founders of all culture &… Read more »

Counter The “cottage” In Taiwan Strokes

by chocorayto “Cottage style” Guajin island, it was “wind” profit. However, in the “cottage economy,” Behind the boom to maintain the manufacturing sector, “cottage were” Competition is not who is better, but who will copy it, and who would dare to challenge the quality of the bottom line, who profits low; the lack of precipitation… Read more »

Culture Of Vietnam

by Penlock Vietnam tourism is becoming more and more popular these days. Tourists from all over the world come to visit the sights of Vietnam and reside at the great Vietnam Hotels. But all the visitors have so minor information for the culture of this magnificent country. The culture of Vietnam has numerous features, that… Read more »

Tourism Will Help Activate The Taiwan Economy

by Xaver Y.R. Chen (yrchen) Under the “two sessions” on the 13th to sign the “Summary of cross-strait charter flight talks” and “across the Taiwan Strait on the mainland residents to Taiwan Travel Agreement “, the cross-strait weekend charter flights from July 4, 2008 come into force, the Mainland residents to visit Taiwan from July… Read more »

Lagos Culture

by delaere The world is a combination of different cultures developed with the passage of time. It is very interesting topic for me because when I think about the different cultures of the cities, countries it is very amazingly to me. The reason is that, I say that the culture of the people of a… Read more »

Australia Food Culture

by Cheng Yuan Chieh Australia food culture is heavily influenced by years of migration took place in last four centuries. Settlers in this continental nation have developed mixed cuisines which represent various people and ant their food habits. Some of the leading cuisine types in Australia have come from China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam from… Read more »

Culture of Toronto

by gaspar Crime is present everywhere in every city and country. The only difference is that in some cities or countries the crime rate is lower while in other it’s higher. It’s all about the control of the police over the criminals. More the criminals are caught and punished; less would be the crime rate…. Read more »