Long Wen District, Zhangzhou Introduction Of The Fifth Taiwan-funded Projects Optics

Total investment of 46 million U.S. dollars, the total area of 220 acres of Taiwan-funded project formally signed Optical Industrial Park, which is the text area Long introduced the fifth Taiwanese optical items.

In recent years, Wen-area based on its unique geographical advantages, and actively accept the transfer of industries in Taiwan, efforts to foster a specialized industry, and introduced to Fu-optics, optical exhibition Xiang, Qing Qi optics, Jin Sanding optics, such as Wenzhou tour Leading Taiwanese optical business. The total area of 1,000 acres of optical companies, total investment more than 50 million products are exported to Europe and America, has formed the industrial chain and the aggregation effect, become the region’s economic growth a bright spot.

Long Wen District, Zhangzhou City,

Long Wen District, Zhangzhou City, New Year’s Day was established in 1997, is located in Zhangzhou, east, 48 km from Xiamen Airport, 45 km Zhangzhou port, State Road 319, 324 and Yingtan across the whole territory, Zhang Xiamen, Zhangzhou Long, Zhang Chao 3 high-speed Highway in the intersection, convenient traffic, outstanding geographical advantages. City facing the river three, fertile land, temperate climate, ecological and beautiful. The district Taiwanese first Beilin Cloud Cave Rock, the ancient name of the bridge ten Jiangdong Bridge, Wansong off, Ruizhu Rock and other famous attractions. Has jurisdiction over four towns, a provincial economic development zone, with a total area of 126 square kilometers with a permanent population of 18 million. National scientific and technological progress has been county (district), the first tranquil province (cities, districts) and other honorary titles.

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Since its establishment, in Zhangzhou municipal government support, the long text area seize opportunities, implement the scientific concept of development, actively involved in West Coast Economic Zone, vigorously implement the “Industrial strength area, business living area, central drive urban-rural interaction, “development strategy to accelerate the pace of industrial development and urban construction. Region from a rural to urban, from agriculture to industry changes, the social construction made leaps and bounds. In 2006, the GDP of the region 3.53 billion yuan, up 14.8%; financial income 420 million yuan, up 44.8%; scale industrial output value 6.114 billion yuan, up 20.3%. The first half of this year, the region completed 2.06 billion yuan GDP, up 14.8%; scale industrial output value 4,070,000,000 yuan, up 32.3%; total fixed asset investment 1.32 billion yuan, up 44.1%; total fiscal income of 290 million yuan, up 35%, the first half of fiscal revenue and local levels and income of more than 2005 annual income.

Wen-region now reached more than 2,600 industrial enterprises, of which 145 scale industrial enterprises, industries involved in electronic equipment, machinery, bio-pharmaceuticals, food processing, energy, chemicals, food processing, furniture manufacturing, and other 16 industries. Fortune 500 companies Emerson Power Transmission (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd., Asia’s leading optical glasses enterprises Fuhua Industry (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd., of China’s largest beverage company large Fujian Instant Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd., a large number of famous enterprises have settled in Long Man.

This year, the region had arranged for more than five million yuan industrial projects reached 118, a total investment of 60 billion yuan, the total area of about 5,500 acres, the annual plans to invest 1.13 billion yuan in the first half has been invested 615 million yuan, up 198.4 %, industrial investment is 2 times last year.

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