Jinzhou PV industry to attract Taiwan enterprises look – Wood texture manufacturer

Jinzhou PV industry from the Bureau of good news recently, including 500 in Taiwan, UMC Group, including, for Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry will be senior to study investment in Jinzhou PV industry. Those results, is a pedestrian right of Jinzhou Mayor Wang investment in Taiwan during the development of Jinzhou City, sincerity and determination of the PV industry, impressed optoelectronic industry in Taiwan high-level results.

 March 10 -19 days, the mayor of Jinzhou Wang rights, Zhang Xiaoguang, vice mayor of the city’s rate of development of photovoltaic industry Bureau, Taiwan Affairs Office and related business leader and his entourage of 10 people, went to Taiwan’s optoelectronics industry to carry out investment activities. In Taiwan during the successful holding of Jinzhou City, “in Jinzhou City, the advantages of solar energy industry investment seminars” to attract the top 92 companies to participate in photovoltaic. Wen highlighted the right situation and the development of Jinzhou PV industry location, industry, policy, investment climate, the city of Jinzhou City Council on the promotion of solar photovoltaic industry has done a detailed description of the preferential policies, U.S. West Inc. site map demonstrate the industrial park of Jinzhou PV industry development plans and planning applications photovoltaic industry, Taiwan Jing Mao Huang Binglin Optical Co., Ltd. introduced the investment in Jin personally feel the quality service.

 Wang has the right to visit Taiwan during the Fortune 500 in Taiwan UMC Group and its NexPower Co., Ltd., Epistar Corporation and a number of photoelectric leader. Meanwhile, Wang rights and UMC Group Chairman, Vice Chairman NexPower Co., went to the Jinzhou PV industry investment in a frank and in-depth talks. UMC chairman said that he was willing to invest in Jinzhou LED thin film solar cells and related industries, and will send the Group’s senior investment advisers and executives to the Jinzhou optical field trips to discuss investment cooperation. In addition, there are a number of optical companies, in the crystal silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, GaAs solar cells Xiangmudacheng focusing preliminary cooperation intention Ji Chu Shang, Ye will Yaolai Jinzhou recent field trips, like to invest in Jinzhou PV industry .

 Wang rights also participated in the “Green Transport and Urban 2010 a seminar on the development of green transport”, entitled “Development of Jinzhou City, to create green energy and green city lectures”, briefed the participants on the Jinzhou City, photovoltaic, electric vehicle industry, combined and interactive development approach, this innovative approach has been the participants unanimously approved. Local people said they would return visit to the Jinzhou City, and on the optical, electric car industry in-depth to discuss cooperation and Jinzhou.

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