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And has led to Boao Siew six times this year, as Taiwan, the delegation leader of cross-strait common market funds are still two sides Chien focus of media attention. Yesterday afternoon, after meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao, Chien held in Boao, Sofitel Taiwan media briefing, informed the meeting the situation. Reporter through various efforts, but also successfully entered the briefing for the venue, a local newspaper, as the only representative of the Mainland, “face to face” interviews with Chien.

Chien at the media briefing on the Yuanding She

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Yesterday 17:50, later than the scheduled time of 20 minutes, a dark suit and the money moved into the room at the Sofitel Hotel Swan. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for you waiting up.” Chien apology while not live, he explains that, “I met the Prime Minister and the length of time.”

Chien told reporters that the financial crisis, Taiwan’s small economy, and therefore the impact of large scale of the mainland economy, and therefore the impact on small. He hoped that the mainland in the future to help Taiwan in several ways. He mentioned that the first quarter of this year, mainland Chinese tourists to Taiwan was 17 million, he expects Taiwan to mainland tourists a day to make up to 3,000 people, so close to one million a year. Also, scheduled to be held at the end of “Chen-Wang meeting” on the Taiwan side to announce a number of projects and opening up investment in mainland China, the mainland hopes to support and encourage Taiwan businesses to invest in these projects.

Chien said, is not between the two sides of Taiwan unilaterally to help the mainland, Taiwan can help in some aspects of the mainland. For example, he said, the mainland is now being carried out Ruins of Nur research and ecological restoration work, undertake specific business, that is from Taiwan, “Himalayan Protection Association.” “So I and the Prime Minister said that more than two sides to meet, and I need you, you also need me.”

“Financial crisis,


Many Taiwan enterprises in difficult circumstances, did not know you have to meeting the Prime Minister had this problem? “Voice did I hear the reporter’s question, Chien not live nodded:” There say there said. Premier also has a very detailed response. , “Chien said that he understands that many Taiwan enterprises affected by the export decline, the situation is very unfavorable. Prior to the mainland presented the four trillion yuan economic stimulus package to boost domestic demand oriented, narrow gap between rural and urban.” Rural needs

Home Appliances

, Notebook (laptop), we can also supply the mainland can look forward to more purchases to us. “

In the interview, Chien said many times, he thanked Premier Wen Jiabao will meet him in taking the time, and he in this meeting, Premier Wen deeply felt “very sincere.”

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