Floating Observatoryies: Tallest Skyscraper in Taiwan

Despite being much shorter than the Taipei 101 skyscraper – the tallest building in Taiwan, Floating Observatoryies is expected to become the tallest Taiwan Tower in Taichung. Floating Observatoryies has won the design of Taiwan tower conceptual competition starting its 2-year construction by 2010. The Taiwan tower conceptual competition was an important event to celebrate 100 years of founding Taiwan and to memorize the integration between Taichung County and Taichung City. The skyscraper, funded by the government of Taiwan, will be taken by a team from the companies Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectura (DSBA), Upgrade.Studio, and Mihai Cracium. Let’s have a look at the building project of Floating Observatoryies, the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan via the following stunning images.


Floating Observatories has just been awarded the first prize in the design of Taiwan tower conceptual international competition


Floating Observatories is a leaf-shaped tower featuring eight floating elevator observatories


Ranked after the Taipei 101 skyscraper, Floating Observatories will become the largest landmark in Taichung – the third largest city in Taiwan


The futuristic Taiwan tower is more than 300 meters high assembling office tower, conference venue, fixed and floating observation decks, information center, museums, restaurants, and an urban park


Leaf-shaped Floating Observatories is built based on a model of green architecture


The tallest Taiwan Tower in Taichung, made from light weight materials are self-sustained by helium balloons and can stay vertical in a poweful electro-magnetic field


The idea for Floating Observatories’ design comes from science fiction computer games


A geothermal power plant is erected beneath of Floating Observatories for heating in winter and heating water


A view from the tower’s basement (left) and a view from one observatory (right)



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