China Silicon Battle Broke Out, Leading Into A Theater In Taiwan

2010 China solar silicon wafer market forecast will be a “top spot in the War of the Worlds” situation, sit tight in the throne for many years by the LDK (LDK), and a substantial expansion of the 2010 GCL-Poly Energy (GCL) China’s Xuzhou to compete with. Among them, Taiwan’s solar cell market, the supply chain’s most important position in the international market, it is seen as setting up shop in a theater Ssangyong.

 Now sit tight in the solar silicon area of the mainland leading position LDK, its the end of 2009 silicon production capacity to 18 gigawatts, but not yet published the 2010 capacity planning. LDK polysilicon self-field due to upstream investment, coupled with intense price competition polysilicon, market forecasts, LDK has long presented difficulties shallow, spare any phenomenon, 4th quarter 2009 3rd quarter gross margin from 20.1% to 9.9%, below analyst glasses.

Investment company shares are Mainland China’s GCL-Poly, a subsidiary of Xuzhou in the source material can be in addition to polysilicon production capacity continues to expand, the 2010 to enter the mass production of solar silicon, silicon initially planned annual capacity is 20 billion watts , almost equal to LDK’s water level; Xuzhou acquired in January by the way, to gain Lu Gaojia solar silicon wafer (KoncaSolarCell) about 70% of the shares of high-good solar silicon production capacity of approximately 300 megawatts ( MWp).

And LDK Solar and GCL of the continent silicon throne battle, the war will spread to the Taiwan market.

Solar industry said that the mainland solar silicon Ssangyong battle of a war zone shall be Taiwan? W market, mainly in Taiwan for the global solar professional OEM one of the most important, silicon solar cells in Taiwan if it were industry adoption and positive, just like a significant step forward in the global market.

LDK Solar silicon as the time invested earlier, as early as between 2005 to 2007, many Taiwan-based solar cell industry, including Yu Jing, Sun Division, the new daylight, Mao-Deng Jun and signing long-term supply of silicon material contracts LDK’s fair to say in the Taiwan market through the signing of long-term contracts set weight = barriers to GCL difficult to attack the market.

But in 2009 due to financial turmoil, making silicon shortage problem no longer face the rapid decline in spot market prices, leading to long-term contracts signed by the original challenge, the market often heard a number of Taiwan-based solar-cell factory, and many of the contracts between LDK change negotiations.

By the end of March 2010, Mao took the lead with LDK for silicon material source of long-term contracts of unreasonable court office, and according to the contents of the original contract in the April 1 contract termination, although the case has entered the judicial process, but the market was concerned that the other Taiwan-based businesses will follow.

The LDK and the Taiwan Department of disputes between the industry let GCL reduce the barriers to enter the Taiwan market, especially in Xuzhou in the source from the production of polysilicon to the silicon material sales, is estimated cost will be more competitive in terms of the LDK , GCL does not necessarily backing small competitors.

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