Spain’s Popular Culture

by ray1020 Apart from the natural and manmade structures that appeal to many people visiting Spain, the country’s culture plays a role in the attraction as well. It is always a nice thing to learn a few cultural and customary values of a country you are visiting. By doing so, you will be familiar with… Read more »

Long Wen District, Zhangzhou Introduction Of The Fifth Taiwan-funded Projects Optics

by bunnygoth Total investment of 46 million U.S. dollars, the total area of 220 acres of Taiwan-funded project formally signed Optical Industrial Park, which is the text area Long introduced the fifth Taiwanese optical items. In recent years, Wen-area based on its unique geographical advantages, and actively accept the transfer of industries in Taiwan, efforts… Read more »

Processing Trade Relaxation Of Taiwan-funded Enterprises Shoes Back From The Dead – The Processing

by cotaro70s New version of the Chinese Government will complete the processing trade policy changes, China Business Minister Chen Deming yesterday (12) confirmed that, as industries engaged in processing trade export ample job opportunities, all are small and medium, large numbers of jobs and pollution of Taiwanese traditional industries will be excluded from the list… Read more »

Hair Loss In Culture

by KAI0831 At the dawn of time, we all had more hair and lacked the means to cut it. The only way the mass of hair reduced was through aging. Sadly, hair loss has always been the first sign of growing old. And in this simple truth, we probably have the reason for our modern… Read more »

Culture As a Soundtrack

by Penlock Do you have music playing while reading this? How is your choice of music affecting how you feel right now? Are you feeling relaxed and want to read something light? Are you moved to dance to the music? Do you read/work faster when you listen to music with a faster tempo? Are you… Read more »

Cruising For Culture

by KAI0831 Just imagine: the pyramids of Egypt, amazing Petra in Jordan, the canals of Venice. There’s no need to simply imagine. A cruise vacation can bring these and other cultural destinations to life and provide up-close-and-personal shore excursions that will enlighten your mind. Best of all, you unpack once and travel in style with… Read more »

Culture in South Africa

by Penlock The Culture The Culture in South Africa is am major tourist attraction. “The Rainbow Nation” is absolutely a worthy name of a country with such a rich, diverse and colorful culture. The special thing about the culture in South Africa is that so many different cultures from all over the world come together… Read more »

Floating Observatoryies: Tallest Skyscraper in Taiwan

by telepathicparanoia Despite being much shorter than the Taipei 101 skyscraper – the tallest building in Taiwan, Floating Observatoryies is expected to become the tallest Taiwan Tower in Taichung. Floating Observatoryies has won the design of Taiwan tower conceptual competition starting its 2-year construction by 2010. The Taiwan tower conceptual competition was an important event… Read more »

Create the Culture

by Cheng Yuan Chieh This article is being written due to some common trends I am seeing as I work with athletes at both the youth and professional levels. More often than not, especially in the game of baseball, athletes will spend all day working on their swing and fielding and developing arm strength, but… Read more »