Hope That Taiwan Enterprises To Join, “home Appliances To The Countryside”

by Andytn And has led to Boao Siew six times this year, as Taiwan, the delegation leader of cross-strait common market funds are still two sides Chien focus of media attention. Yesterday afternoon, after meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao, Chien held in Boao, Sofitel Taiwan media briefing, informed the meeting the situation. Reporter through various… Read more »

The Vikings In various Culture

by CK Liu Popularly known for helmets with horns and big ships, warriors, or the Vikings, conquered a number of territories throughout Europe during the late 8th to 11th century, In a lot of societies, Vikings have been symbols of strength, invincibility, and pure testosterone. This is the reason why a number of organizations, groups,… Read more »

The Culture That Inspired Picasso

by bravesheng The Culture That Inspired Picasso Huanuco Pampa – City of festivals Lanzon – the stone of power Chavin – Picasso’s inspiration Stone Temple Secrets Walking in Peru’s highlands alone without a passport or money can be a forbidden adventure, itself. And if you know little or no Spanish, well then the… Read more »

China Silicon Battle Broke Out, Leading Into A Theater In Taiwan

by Xaver Y.R. Chen (yrchen) 2010 China solar silicon wafer market forecast will be a “top spot in the War of the Worlds” situation, sit tight in the throne for many years by the LDK (LDK), and a substantial expansion of the 2010 GCL-Poly Energy (GCL) China’s Xuzhou to compete with. Among them, Taiwan’s solar… Read more »

A Taste of Italian Culture

by Aaron Photograghy studio While Italy is a country known for its art, food and fashion, it is also well know for it’s rich and uniquely Italian culture. It’s a country in which culture, history and traditions blend beautifully with modern trends. One of the most interesting things about Italy is that as a people… Read more »

Information Taiwan Mountain Oolong Tea- a healthy tea

by jonolist Taiwan island is bound to the east by the Pacific Ocean in East Asia off the coast of China. The island is approximately 245 miles long and 90 miles wide. It’s a beauty island and was explored by the Portuguese with the name the island Formosa. Oolong tea is a very famous tea… Read more »

Rangoli – Colors of Culture

by gaspar We demolished and reconstructed our 150 years old mansion for a secured living at our native place. On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, we had decorated our house to welcome our guests. Rangoli played an inevitable part of the decoration. This particular style of drawing Rangoli is called as “Sanskar… Read more »

Culture in a Preschool

by See-ming Lee (SML) New Zealand is a multi-cultural society. Its diversity is rapidly expanding with immigrants and refugees from around the world settling into our communities.The need for culturally sensitive teachers working in environments that are sympathetic to other cultures has never been more required than now.  In order to meet the individual needs… Read more »

The Culture of Design

by gaspar Thai Craftsmanship Is Always Avant-Garde Nothing more perfectly symbolizes the emotions, philosophies, ideology, religion and overall culture of a nation or a people than the designs used in their homes, their clothing, their transportation, their gardens, and their lives. The people of Thailand have long enjoyed a rich heritage of dually beautiful design… Read more »