A Thin Leather Shoes In Taiwan To Develop Momentum In The Mainland Market Exploded

HC shoe net January 15 Local News Shoes 1 thin Leather shoes Will rush into the China market this year, three years out of 100 stores will open cabinet, to continue to polish Shenzhou “Taiwan First” signs. In response to branched out into mainland China, A thin skin Shoe Plan through Proxy Overseas shoe brand or acquisition strategy with the industries, the rapid expansion of business scale. General Manager Luo Rongyue

A thin leather shoes yesterday (14) days an interview that this year will push the three items A thin, horizontal interested in mergers and acquisitions, vertical integration and agents overseas brand shoes, such as business strategy.

He said in the past few years, the A thin in strengthening internal strength, the number of stores or sales have been to Taiwan’s footwear industry after the first large scale, it is time consider a new strategy.

Luorong Yue said that there are many mergers and acquisitions last year, industry trend, now this trend has also swept into mass industry. The world’s largest shoes manufacturers Pou Chen Group, has invested in mainland China and Taiwan Shoes Daphne alliance contract, Daphne’s love for shoes made treasure into equity, the two sides will access through the love boutique shoes, shoes with hand Attacking senior market.

Brand shoes last year, the domestic department store group before the three-year sales were around from 700 million to 800 million dollars. However, there are also small to be a brand for one year at most, from 100 million to 300 million yuan or so of the performance, if there is a good target, Luorong Yue said, intends to launch M & A thin.

The other hand, A has to start thinking thin vertical integration. The strategy is to try to reduce the operating costs of raw materials, the impact of fluctuations is also made to try to get into the mainland market considerations; to reduce costs, speed up the rate of profits in new markets, raw materials must be thin Ah, hold more ownership that.

A thin, there is another of this year new strategy is to set up leather design department, so that the existing stores in the bag 5-6% revenue share proportion and increase of 10%, does not preclude the establishment of skin parts store or counter the possibility of Sell Purses, wallets, belts and so on.

A thin to achieve the Group this year, the scale of 4 billion yuan in revenues, to develop the mainland market is the key to detonate growth kinetic energy.

Luorong Yue said that the first phase, the Eastern Region of the second and third tier cities distribution, initially will not burn too much. A firm pace, the goal of 100 years to reach continent-wide positions, does not rule out opening up the regional distribution, to join, speed up the rate of extension points.

Luo Rongyue that the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway connecting Shanghai and Nanjing, an important city along the line, such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, are the first phase of landing A thin lock key markets.

A thin will be the first month of this year 3,4 set up in Nanjing, mainland China office will open in the second quarter of the continent’s first base before the end of this year a total of 20 shops will open a cabinet, expected to contribute to A thin 100 million yuan of revenue.

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