A Taste of Italian Culture

While Italy is a country known for its art, food and fashion, it is also well know for it’s rich and uniquely Italian culture. It’s a country in which culture, history and traditions blend beautifully with modern trends. One of the most interesting things about Italy is that as a people Italians are not flag wavers at all, but they are very particular about their culture and traditions and of course soccer.

Italians, considered by many as one of the most beautiful collection of people in the world are very proud of their past, their culture and for them life is all about family. Italians seem to be very sociable by nature. They are friendly and will talk to anyone, and even more appealing is their sense of good humor and wit. In Italy you will hear various dialects and unique Italian accents. Accents that can sound melodious to the naked ear.

One of the first things most come to know about Italians is that they have an ongoing love affair with food and fashion. Italian food is famous worldwide.

As for fashion, it is a very important part of the Italian culture. Milan after all is the fashion capital of the world.

Northern Italy tends to be a more educated region. The pace is hectic and fast paced. Where as Southern Italy is rural and much more laidback and more relaxed. People in Italy love spending money on expensive adornments. Be it clothes, watches, shoes, jewelry or their fast cars.

Before traveling to Italy you’ll do well to pick up a good English/Italian dictionary. Either that or you’ll have to rely on your gesturing skills, because unlike a lot of countries English is not spoken or understood by the majority of people there.

You should also be made aware before landing in Italy that because of this country’s passion for food and eating you should expect to add a few pounds on your trip. Food and eating is simply an integral part of the Italian culture.